Tennis Elbow Treatment

Even if you are no Andre Agassi, tennis elbow could be the root of your arm pain which means you are going to need tennis elbow treatment. Tennis elbow is known as lateral epicondylitis and shows up as pain on the outside of your elbow along with a loss of grip strength. It can be caused by many different activities but is most often an overuse of the forearm muscles due to repetitive stress. Often it is not heavy strenuous work which can cause tennis elbow but surprisingly it is most often caused by inappropriate keyboards and mice and jobs which require us to make the same action over and over again such as cutting flowers or scanning items at a checkout.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Lateral epicondylitis involves the extensor muscles of the forearm. The tendon most commonly involved in tennis elbow is the Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis. Pain and loss of function can come on slow and there does not have to be a significant initial injury for the pain to arise. This pain can be debilitating and long-term inflammation can result in tendon degeneration.


In the short term applying a brace or using hot/cold therapy may be beneficial but unless you are willing to change jobs or give up your dreams of playing Wimbledon, a long-term approach to pain and the avoidance of re-injury should be considered.


Tennis Elbow Treatment with Platelet-rich Plasma

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Injections) is an evidence based approached to pain management with lateral epicondylitis with great research on its benefits.

Indepth analysis on PRP, how it works and the evidence


Let’s look at a few of these studies,


A 2016 study compared PRP to corticosteroid injections. PRP showed significant improvement over corticosteroid injections and with less risk of complications. Another 2015 study comparing PRP to corticosteroids showed that PRP was a superior treatment for long-term outcomes.  When compared with surgical intervention, PRP came out on top again. Check out the table below for a summary of the latest research.


Trial after trial shows PRP to be a safe and effective treatment for lateral epicondylitis with compelling long-term outcomes. If you are interested in getting back on the court swinging or back to work pain-free then book an appointment at Cornerstone today.


Tennis Elbow Treatment Research

Study Results




Effective over corticosteroids


Effective over corticosteroids


Effective over surgery






Effective over steroids


Dr. Ben Connolly is a Halifax based Naturopathic Doctor whose purpose is to help his patients, look, feel and move better. He believes that when you make health a priority, great things can happen.

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