If you’re reading this it can mean only one thing. You’re looking to take control of your nutrition, your body and enhance your quality of life. You’ve probably tried other diets and cleanses before and are now looking for an evidence-based nutrition plan with real results, without starving yourself. You’re probably looking for sustainable, real, long-lasting change.

This. This is Keto Boot Camp.

You’re tired of 7-day juice fasts, drinking a litre of cabbage soup, mixing lemon juice with maple syrup or 21 days cleanses guaranteeing 20-pound weight loss.

Well, look no further as Keto Boot Camp is here to provide you with everything you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for an evidence-based nutrition plan that is based soundly on science which yields results each and every time. If you’ve tried keto before and failed then this is for you too. If you’ve read everything on keto online and are still confused then welcome, here you’ll find all the answers you need.

After years of placing thousands of patients on a ketogenic diet and seeing real changes in blood sugar, weight, abdominal obesity, blood pressure, brain function and joint pain, I had to share this success with everyone. The ketogenic diet is a highly effective short-term nutrition plan which effectively removes sugar (glucose) from your nutritional intake which forces your body to burn fat for fuel. As a result of fat breakdown (lipolysis), your body creates a compound called ketones. Your brain, due to lack of sugar, turn to ketones as a source of fuel. It is this chemistry which yields significant improvement in brain function.

Keto Boot Camp is designed for success. If you’re looking to lose that last 5 lbs for your fitness competition or if you’re looking to drop 50 lbs to make your knees feel better than this is for you. Use my resources, meal plans and cheat sheets to be successful on Keto. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try keto before once you get started.

I can’t wait for you to see how good you feel. To eat a meal and not have gas and bloating afterwards. To eliminate your mid-afternoon crash, get rid of those hangry feelings and lose weight, all the while eating foods which you thought was bad for you. Many patients say they can’t believe how good they feel and that they almost feel guilty eating a ketogenic diet as their whole life they never let themselves eat these foods as they thought they were bad.


You’re looking to make real changes in your life and you’ve come to the right spot. I can’t wait for you to hit Keto Boot Camp and crush it!

Who is Keto Boot Camp for?

Keto Boot Camp (KBC) is designed for the keto beginner or the return to keto who is looking for a more informed approach. KBC is designed for those who question everything (as you should, especially when you read it on the internet) who want to hear the research and how keto works in your body.

Who is it not for?

KBC is not for you if you have a significant health history, are currently taking insulin to manage diabetes, have suffered kidney damage, are currently on dialysis. Though a ketogenic diet may be appropriate for certain people with the above history, it must be medically guided and watched to ensure you are doing it safely.

What do I get?

  • You’ll get a comprehensive overview of what a ketogenic diet is, how it works and what exactly is going on in your body so that you are making an informed, evidence-based decision.
  • You’ll get my own medically guided fast-track plan to be in ketosis within only a few days. This saves you from spending days feeling tired and irritable, also known as the “keto flu”.
  • You’ll also get
    • meal plans
    • recipes
    • exercise recommendations
    • ideas and suggestions as well as tips for success

Not only have I successfully placed thousands of patients on a ketogenic diet but I also closely follow a ketogenic diet and can speak from first-hand experience as I have personally faced almost all keto challenges myself. I am a believer in practice what you preach.

Will I have to count calories?

Yes and no. You do not need to count calories, however, you do need to count macros.

What are macros?

Macros are your fats, proteins, and carbs. You will need to count these to ensure you do keto in a healthy and responsible way. Knowledge is power, and without tracking your macros you have no way to know if you are doing keto safely and optimally.
What about all those keto drinks?

You will not need any keto drinks as the science has not yet been proven that they will be of any benefit to you or your health. Always follow the research.

How long is it safe to do keto?

Though some people choose to stay on keto for extended periods of time, I generally do not prescribe keto diets for longer than 3 months, especially in females. I cycle patients after 3 months onto a paleo nutritional plan and then revisit keto again down the road.