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Want to Lose Weight?

Want to Lose Weight?

Want to lose weight? Here is how much you need to lose a week to be healthy Although you may be getting anxious to lose some weight before beach season, it might be a good idea to take your time. Studies show that those who lose 1-2 pounds a week do better in the...

Prolotherapy For Back Pain

Prolotherapy is highly effective for that back pain which has been nagging you for a while and has now stopped you from doing any of the extras around the house or at the gym. You have probably chalked the pain up to getting older but there is a way to help manage...

You get out of bed, do your quick morning routine, get in your car, go to work and sit at your desk, get back in your car, drive home, do your evening routine, go to bed. For how many hours during the day was your butt touching a surface? For many people, it’s more...

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